Look Before You Leap

A great reminder of how we shouldn’t be carried away. Loved it, Shaurya ❤️


He walked into his Dad’s room
And said goodbye as he left for high school
His Dad looked up from his Stenograph
Looked at his son and sat on a stool

“Bye,” His Dad said softly
And away he went

Another day at school
Another broken rule

He was walking back home
Looking at a Jaywalker cross the street
He was pulled beside the road by his friends
In the intense sun’s heat

“Hey,” they said
He responded back with a hello
They asked if he was doing anything today1
Which he wasn’t, so he said no

The friends really wanted a new game
That was in the store next to them
But they couldn’t spend 300 dollars
This was too much

“So, do you want it?” They said to him
He surely wanted it
But the response he got from his friends
Was something he would have never imagined

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