Come and read Shaurya’s beautiful take on helping others and feeling blessed


Winter break was finally here
It was something she was anticipating
That was until her mother came in
And told her news that was irritating

“How about you do a penance, and shovel our neighbor’s driveway?” Her mother smiled and said
She only knew how much she was disappointed

She wanted to sit at home and relax
Feeling cozy with her hot chocolate
She didn’t want to go out and shovel
In the cold air and then vomit

But her mother still forced her
and she had to leave the house
She stared at the heap of snow
And started walking towards it feeling low

Away she went
A lot of time was spent
Hours of work
She felt like a jerk

After finishing her chore
She ran home with all force
And she was glad it was finally done
There was no more leftover​ errand

She ran in the…

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