When I Met You


And when I met you this time,
It felt like I had never met you before.

Like a vast spread of lavender,
On a late morning spring,
The violets infusing its fragrance,
On every knoll it could reach with its wing,
And when I met you this time,
You rattled my beliefs with a distinct pleasant chime.

And that spark in your eyes,
Like a million nova burning with many desires,
And that pixie smile,
Lightning the aura like a widespread fire,
And when I saw you this time,
There were no reasoning to fathom
no apprehensions to rhymes.

The sparks,
The fire,
The fidgetiness of a first meeting,
The prickling feeling of briers,
Appears abruptly,
Without any forewarning,
Each and every time when I meet you.

Copyright Β© Shantanu Baruah

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