365 Days, 1200 Beautiful followers and 1304 Posts

My Dear Fellow Bloggers, hope you are having a fabulous week and enjoying this thing called life. I was waiting to share this post until the 11th of August but looks like my mental clock was wrong. On the 5th Aug, WordPress congratulated me for completing one year. I immediately scrolled down to reach the bottom of my posts, to check when did I first publish. Thanks to the WP timestamp, my mental clock was proved wrong. darn 😜

While statistics will follow, today I want to first share with you three things that immensely transformed me during this blogosphere journey

  • I became more disciplined 🌸🌸 I have seen many fellow bloggers with great content but vanish after few days or month. Some blame it on writer’s block, some on their commitment to other important jobs. I don’t want to comment on them, for everyone has their own priority in life. For me, the single most achievement is discipline. I have not missed a single day of blogging and on an average, I made 3 posts a day. I am on a mission to write and I am so happy I stayed put despite of many headwinds
  • I made Friends 🌹I never knew when I started, I would have made virtual friends. I met some beautiful souls made some great friends. Some for a lifetime❤️
  • I was Humbled🤗 There are so many talented individuals with so much flair of brilliance. I realized how much I need to learn and how little I know.

I cannot thank you guys enough. You guys welcomed me with open arms.  I have over 1200 followers over 122K views, about 50K likes over 21K beautiful comments. I have visitors from 124 countries and love from all of you. So, thank you all for your support, encouragement, guidance, and love.

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96 thoughts on “365 Days, 1200 Beautiful followers and 1304 Posts”

  1. Congratulations shantanu for successfully completing one year of blogging..you are a great writer and a beautiful soul.. keep going..have a successful future ahead🤗☺️

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  2. Let me be the first one to congratulate you on this AWESOME achievement S! Wow, such a wonderful journey and an excellent feat!❤️

    Your discipline and regularity of “SUPERB” posts – is what keeps us asking for more! 😉

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  3. Congratulations on a brilliant year. Your stats are brilliant. You were one of the first people who followed me here, and i had the privilege of knowing you and your work really early. I was humbled by your generosity and awed by your work. For me you are a poetry genius and i will always look forward to reading more from you. *round of applause* 😊😊😊🌸🌸

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  4. Congraaaaaatulations 👏. Actually you’re an inspiration to me. There was many times I thought about giving up blogging and whenever I see people leaving WordPress the only person who makes me think like I can do it, is you because you post amazing contents everyday and you’re absolutely amazing 🤗

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  5. Congratulations. And I will say ‘ The eternal light never fades away’❤️ you are that. Be constant and keep writing. Your words ease the pain Shantanu. Glad to found a beautiful poet and an awesome friend.❤️❤️❤️🌼

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  6. Congratulations !!! I can imagine the feeling..Blog Stats are impressive.
    Your’s is a beautiful blog!! So many flavors of life together.
    Wishing you success for your book, would love to grab a copy.
    Waiting for more to come.
    Have a beautiful life ahead..My best wishes.

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