Diverse Planet

A beautiful thought on inclusion by my 12 year old son.


Our world is full of many people

There are mechanics
Lubricating car’s engine parts
There are artists
Splashing different hues onto papers from their heart

There are children who run around and play
There are adults, who work for them all day

Police are there to help those in need
And scientists are studying bugs like centipedes

Just because we are all different
Doesn’t mean we should be separated because of caste, religion, or creed
We should learn to coexist
In a harmonious, peaceful, then we could call it a beautiful life indeed

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5 thoughts on “Diverse Planet”

  1. Your son is an artist my friend. This doesnt like it was written by a 12 year old, in my humble opinion this could very well be attributed to a proper poet. His observation and his ability to put them into words is amazing. Hats off to him. 🌸🌸❤

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