She Tramped Into My Life


She tramped her way,
into my heart,
And I remained unaware,
for all this while I presumed,
it was an annoyance,
Irate nuisance of some kind,
Trying to bulldoze,
And tear me apart.

That’s how she was,
The outward appearance,
Was meant for disguise,
But her inner self,
Was pure and wise.

And she was not meant for all,
Only the one who displayed,
The courage to go beyond her pretend daub,
could enjoy the entanglement in her cobweb.

Copyright Β© Shantanu Baruah

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31 thoughts on “She Tramped Into My Life”

  1. The title itself is definitely an Award Winner, as it is eye catching and thought provoking. The piece itself has many dynamics. It’s very good.
    You may have to release the sequel…a movie 🍿!
    Watch Out, 50 Shades!

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