17 Years Ago

Read Shaurya’s beautiful take on human atrocities and the change we need for humanity sake


Tears rolled down her puffy white cheeks
Words couldn’t describe what she had just witnessed

People were running in divergent directions
Absolute chaos
A devastation of humankind

Some stood and stared at the hullabaloo in horror,
feet were  frozen unable to move
While some sat down concerned and upset,
lost in oblivion,
for they didn’t know what to do

The buildings may have collapsed in an instant
But the aftermath still exist in people’s mind
as a scar,
bleeding for a lifetime

17 years ago
A great building fell to the ground

Today, we look back at the actions of  a few miscreant men
and wonder how could the human,
the supreme living species,
could stoop this low

Hate has to end now
We all can make the change
Provided we don’t wait for someone else,
But go ahead and take that first step

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