Crabbed Visage


It was never easy to decipher her face,
Her crabbed visage,
Displayed convoluted emotions,
And some intricate illusions,
That seemed grueling to trace.

They assumed they could,
Read her mind,
And were pompous,
About their unprecedented find.

She didn’t let them,
Escape from their flawed motions,
Held her countenance firm,
And allowed them to flow,
In some pseudo notion.

For she lived,
In a specter world,
Vulnerable inside,
Scared to be dragged,
In some labyrinth hurl.

And she waited to find that one soul,
Who could comfort her,
Pierce her impenetrable views,
And like some magical spur,
Bolt her away,
From her tangled world.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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