Hope beyond Pillage


I often wondered,
After every devastating calamity,
When the tragedy appeared fresh in memory.

And when there was chaos in every scene, Aghast people crippled and appalling,
When grief and mourning clouded ever talk,
And the society came to a grinding halt.

In such adverse times,
How could some cruel mob,
Could have such diabolical plan,
To pillage the community,
And rob such wrecked clan,
The souls who had,
Lost their hope,
How could someone,
Snap their residual dangled rope.
Then you think humanity,
Had found a new low,
And brand it sadly,
As yet another tragic show.

And when all hopes had gone,
To your pleasant surprise,
You see the rise of a new dawn,
The hand had joined together,
To fight the pain,
And souls bonding together,
To ease the bane.

And I…

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