Do What Makes You Happy- what is the real meaning of this

Soul Magica

‘Do what makes you feel happy’ – the new age mantra. According to me, it is not just finding yourself and your purpose; that comes much later; it begins with doing things that resonate with your value system, it begins with staying true to yourself and to not do things in a way that is “expected” of you.

We often tend to feel agitated when we continuously do things that do not match with our core values. For example; my style of writing is generally gentle, but, say, for some reason, I start to feel that it is probably too passive and I adopt a style which is more aggressive; result- I’m continuously striving to be that which I’m not, so I keep feeling threatened by anyone who writes well. Because somewhere deep down I know I’m trying to imitate someone that I’m not, so I never feel my best…

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