Washington DC Union Station

Hey Friends. Hope the week is treating you great so far. This week I feel like a road warrior.

If you have read my previous post, you would know I was in Phoenix yesterday. My red-eye πŸ‘ was not a pleasing experience. Nothing wrong with the plane it is just that I fail to sleep on planes✈️.

I reached home around🏠 7:30 in the morning. My kids were ready for school, so I thought of dropping them first, before taking a quick nap. I wisely put my phone onπŸ“± silence. But hey only if we can be a perfect planner. My Apple Watch on⌚️ charge by the bedside table was alive and kicking. I may be thirty minutes into my sleep when it started ringing. You know how it goes when you are tired you resist getting up even though the annoyance is at the extreme. After avoiding the ring for the third time, I reluctantly ditched the bed to silence it but then the sleep was gone.

I have to go to DC today. So I ditched the bed πŸ› a little early and got ready to hit the road again. This time I took the train and I just arrived at the union station. As I was heading out of the station the below brilliant architectural marvel caught my eye πŸ‘.

Union station was built in the year 1907 by Daniel Burman. That name came to me like a flash, for I am reading a historical nonfiction book called Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. Daniel has an important role in that book. I thought to write this post as a good memory to read and cherish for someday in the future.

I am now heading for a dinner meeting at VA. Until next time, So long.

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53 thoughts on “Washington DC Union Station”

  1. Yatra ka apnaa majaa hai…..jindagi bhi to ek yatra hi hai……ye alag baat hai ki kabhi kabhi yatraa bojhil ho jaati hain …..aankhen nind ke vagair laal aur sir bojhil ho jaati hai magar jindagi iai kaa naam hai…..ham bhi aapke saath aapke lekh ko padh aur tasweer dekh sang sang ghumte rahte hain…..ishwar aapke pariwaar ko har pal sukhad banaye rakhey.

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