Hope Against Hope


The stern of the ship,
was at a 15 degrees tilt,
almost at a point to capsize.

Scare ridden passengers,
were in chaos and despair,
Everyone running for life,
everyone entwined,
In some torrid affair.

And in that hullabaloo,
And in the midst of the commotion,
few panic soul,
caught the captain’s sight.

They ran for help,
With hope-laden eyes,
To seek their survival chance,
And any scope of respite.

The captain knew,
The fate of the ship,
Yet he smiled,
And affirmatively said,
That everything will be alright.

The panic receded,
The anxiety waned,
And people bonded,
It was such a pleasing sight.

The riders joined the seamen,
The davits were lowered,
People worked with candor and displayed pride.

And as luck would have it,
The storm abated,
The ship stabilized

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