Business Trip Diary – VA,MD

My morning started early in a chaotic manner. I had a meeting in Reston, Virginia so pre-scheduled my ride to the train station for 6:30 AM. As luck would have it, the cab πŸš• arrived before time and in the rush to make sure I don’t keep my ride waiting I couldn’t eat breakfast πŸ₯ž. Breakfast is a very important meal for me and when I skip it I feel worn out. On my way out I grabbed an apple and an orange as a last resort to save my day.

While boarding the train I reckoned I had a meeting scheduled for Baltimore next week and in the greed of avoiding to travel again I contacted my client to see if he would be accommodating my last minute request. He was kind enough to do it. I was all smiles, for I saved a day worth of travel and happily ate my apple 🍎 for breakfast.

The meeting at Reston went well but little prolonged and by the time I finished I realized I had no time left for lunch. It was an hour and a half long drive to Baltimore and I managed to reach for my next meeting right on time but with an empty stomach. I ate my orange 🍊 on the way as a substitute for lunch.

I finished my second meeting and headed to the Baltimore station to catch my homebound train. As I was walking into the station I noticed this tall statute. The structure always intrigued me, for it represents both male and female naked bodies entangled as one. Though attention-grabbing, I never took time out to explore it further. Today, sitting on the train I thought of unearthing some facts.

Apparently, it is one of the most controversial structure in the Baltimore region. The name of the statue is “Male/female“. It boulders over Penn Station’s as a beaux arts, more like an insult to the human race. However, over time people have accepted the structure as an integral part of the Baltimore culture.

I had an hour to catch my train but the small pleasures of reaching home 🏑 early forced me to look for an earlier train. Sure, there was one going out in 5 minutes. I grabbed a bottle of water and a packet of pistachio from the thrift shop at the station and now on my way to home sweet home.

How is your day going?

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  1. Well, I hope you had a wonderful dinner after such a hectic day! As always, thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading about your trips.

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