Want to take your relationship from good to great? Implement this

Come and read Nacy’s great take on relationship, respect and art of living a beautiful life

Soul Magica

The basis of any relationship is mutual respect. So often we are so busy keeping our close ones happy that we forget to address what makes us unhappy. We let people intrude into our personal space little by little or let them take us for granted and then wonder why are we so unhappy. It could be something as simple as your partner not calling you to inform that he/she won’t be able to make it for lunch/dinner, every time he/she misses it; or your child informing about a project at the last minute; or something else.

To have a mutually respectful relationship it is important that ‘both’ the parties give each other respect. This starts with setting boundaries. Boundaries are not walls that trap you in; they are fences that show people where the door is. To build a successful boundary follow the steps mentioned below:

1.Become aware…

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