The Horrid Past

PART 1 26-Oct-18

The sordid emotions from the past kept visiting her deviant mind making her restless and more she tried to detach from the horrid thoughts, it surged back with a renewed purpose. She did everything to detox her overthinking mind – read, played, danced, binge ate but nothing worked. The past never left her, often staring at her with a mischievous grin. Tired of its unceremonious visits she decided to accost her morbid soul. She hustled, screamed, pleaded but all she received was a silent stare with that infamous smirk mocking her helplessness. How she wished she had an option to denounce everything, go back in life and erase the past. Would she be able to conjure strength to confront the past?

PART 2 26-Oct-18

She could never forget that defying moment. The vivid imagery was engraved permanently on her mind. That fall evening when the gelid breeze was blowing from the north, sweeping the pale, green leaves along. The day was turning gray and the fast vanishing sun was casting tall shadows of trees on the cold cobbled streets. She walked with some purpose meandering the pathway lost in some deep thoughts. There was a weather warning, the storm was about to hit the port town. She could feel the gust of wind gradually gaining speed. She turned her attention to the dial, it was past 7:30 PM. If it was not for her demanding work, she cursed under her breath and paced herself a tad less than a dash. As she curbed along the path she witnessed a gray shadow hustling with a limp. He turned and looked at her for few moments before turning around and dissolving in the cold pewter evening.


Dear all thanks for your encouragement. Here is the second installment. let me know your thoughts.

Copyright ยฉ Shantanu Baruah

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41 thoughts on “The Horrid Past”

  1. That’s so literally relatable, the words and the feeling they carry with. Indeed the past can be really hard to shed, especially a traumatic one and the haunting by that ghost of past can be real nightmare at times.

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  2. The pain is just felt and I don’t know how I looked at it ..but this got generated by me.. waiting for the next bit .

    I know you will abandon me one day .. it will not be a slip by the sandy shores, it will not be a glide in the free sky, it will not be a sail in the passive waters, may be you will just abandon me with a thump.. like a glass of a an old wine drops out of a fragile hand knowingly or unknowingly, but leaves a jerk and noise behind.

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