Power of Hope


Everything departed.
Her pride,
all her beloved possessions,
and people she called her own.

Things she took pride on
her love,
her passion,
everything she thought she owned,
left her alone

Derailed, sure was,
Despair, she felt many times,
But despite all odds
there was some unknown force
that kept her going
inch by inch,
one stride at a time.

Surprised, she looked inside her,
to trace the reason behind her drive,
and then she found it to be nothing else
but her hope to stay alive.

And she held on to it,
clasping it firmly with both her hands
and with all her might,
soon she was amazed to see
her belief surging back
glowing with light
in the darkest of the night,
in that moment she knew
the game was far from being over,
And she smiled on…

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