The Bayonet She Wore


She always had a guard
A bayonet that kept her aside
and she lived a life of a loner
Not allowing anyone to barge
into her world
afraid to expose her closely guarded self
hidden behind her self imposed walls

Every once in a while
Some unknown soul
would get drawn to her aura
and approach her with interest
with a desire to know her more
but would soon learn the hard way
the infuriating outlook she possessed
and would escape her bitterness
never to return again

She also didn’t know
What made her behave this way
hidden somewhere inside was a soul waiting for someone to breach her defense
And to expose her
Like the naked blue sky
and question her on her stand
maybe helping her
to take those guards way

Until then she stood there
wearing her defense
maybe waiting for someone
to dismantle her stance


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