The Young Sailor


The helmsman swiveled the wheels,
and made a disparate attempt
to save the ship
from the nature’s fury.

His distress filled eyed
was a clear indication
of the fate
they were about to meet.

Everyone lost hope
and the steersman was doing
what he could
without much belief.

The crew was running helter-skelter,
the moorage swinging in random odds,
the passenger crying in distress for help,
the ship was in utter chaos.

An in that moment of despair,
a young sailor emerged,
he had a purpose in his stride,
and fire in his eyes.

With grit to conquer the tempest,
he took charge of the bridge,
and gave the coxswain hope
to fight back the seas.

Seeing his belief,
the other joined in,
they worked in tandem,
and rejuvenated their lost spirits.

No one could say,

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