Don’t Quit Yet


And one day,
when he had seen all,
he decided to rest his soul

From the unspoken words,
to the nostalgic yore,
from the conspicuous lust,
to desires lost in the dust,

He had seen enough,
and had his share of grief,
all he wanted now
was some much-needed peace

And just about then when he was done,
she appeared unannounced
like the gentle morning sun,
he stood there aghast
unsure what to do

He saw her appear like some dewdrops
rolling down on leaves,
or a hymn in someone’s prayer,
shining brightly like an honest belief

And without his approval,
she came into his life,
bringing back love,
some care,
and Unperturbed lust

It sometimes takes
just a moment to change life
don’t hang your shoes yet
love could surprise us,
disapproving every belief
one could ever have.

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