LA to NYC and Movies

Hey friends, hope you all are enjoying the festivities and busy planning your new year’s resolutions.

My official travel for the year ended yesterday, when I finally flew back home from LA. I surprised my family with a trip to Hawaii but besides my daughter, no one was interested in going. It was the travel time, which stood as a horror. From door to door, two flights with over 12 hours of flight time. And when such was the distance even business class didn’t make sense to my family.๐Ÿ˜ŠAnyways, we will take a call tonight over dinner on our go-no go decision.

On my way back yesterday I watched two movies. Both had some distinct character and I had a good time watching them. The first one was a 2017 movie called “Searching“. The movie was about a teenage girl who fails to return home one day and how her father using social media traces her back. The movie had so many twists and turns. Every time I thought I knew the culprit, it proved to be wrong. Besides being a great thriller, I had one takeaway from the movie – get involved in your children lives, as deep as you can, more like a friend than as a parent.

By the time I finished the movie it was midnight. I was a tad tired but still went ahead with another suspense thriller – “The Catcher was a Spy“. The movie was based on a book, which was a narration of a true story. During World War II, there were rumors about Germans making an atomic bomb using the skills of then noble prize winner on Physics, Werner Heisenberg. The OSS gets worried and deploys a famous baseball player Moe Berg to assassinate Heisenberg on the neural ground, Switzerland. The movie was captivating and Paul Rudd did a fabulous job playing the role of a secretive agent, Moe Berg.

Today I had to go to New York City for a meeting. It was raining. Not the prettiest of the day to travel to NY, but the picture had a different story to tell. Here are some captures


30 thoughts on “LA to NYC and Movies”

  1. Yes, the day you chose was raining all day. But NYC has its charm and turn your mood for good. Hopefully, your family decides in the favor of visiting Hawaii. One of the places on my bucket close to visiting..had to cancel the last time I planned because of the volcanic eruption. Happy holidays!!

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