The Unsaid Words

Dear friends. Here is another one of my Hindi poem. I have included an English translation as well. Let me know your thoughts

किया करते थे कभी जब तुम उन आँखों से बातें
लबों पे मुकम्मल वो हँसी कब बेज़ुबान था
दुपट्टे के कोनों मे भी एक कशिश थी बेसबब
दीलों के दहलीज़ के अदब थे बेमिसाल
और बस यूँ ही बीन कहे
बीन लबजों के सहारे लीए
हम मुहब्बत की आग़ोश में सीमट गए

I remember the days when you used to speak through your eyes
and that benign smile was never ever dearth of words
your aura had allure, a sense of desirousness smeared on it
the pull of heart was a mystical occult
and lost in that demeanor
without much rhyme or reason
and without support of any spoken verse
I got submerged in your love

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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