Trip to Maui, Hawaii Day 0

Day 0, Dec 25, 2018, Maui

My vacations are always impromptu. While for everything in life I love to plan, vacation remains as exception. And for whatever it is worth I love it this way, for the pleasures of uncertainties provides an unprecedented thrill. Unexplainable, sure. Beautiful, indeed.

My trip to Hawaii’s Maui island 🌴 was no exception. For the past two months my travel had been intensive, traveling coast to coast every week. End of the year I was raring for a break and booked tickets three days before our vacation commenced. My family was in two minds but finally gave in to my relentless request. Finding a hotel in the Christmas and the New Year’s peak season was next to impossible. Everything was sold out. And for the first time, I turned my attention to Airbnb. I was skeptical but it worked out well. I took a fully furnished apartment on rent through VRBO and my experience was a shade above splendor.

I took a 4 X 4 Jeep 🚘 on rental and I was all set to explore the island. With the help of a few sporadic web sites, riding my luck from time to time, and by taking some out of the turn chances, we managed to garner a fabulous vacation.

I will write this blog in five parts. Each part is a day spend in this paradise, with the hope people will find it useful if they plan to visit Maui. And yes, though Hawai’i has three big islands and several smaller ones, we explored only one. We love it this way. Explore one place at a time instead of running blind. Even five days are not plenty to explore this beautiful place, but we did enough and created gorgeous memories.

Today I am heading back and writing this from the airport. Until I write the next day’s adventure, here are some pictures for your eyes only. AlohaπŸŒΈπŸŒ΄πŸ˜Šβ›΅οΈ

Me at the Apartment backyard
Me at the Apartment backyard
Sunset capture as we were landing in Maui
Sunset capture as we were landing in Maui
The Apartment backyard
The Apartment backyard
Clouds view as we were touching ground
Clouds view as we were touching ground

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