Trip to Maui, Day 2

Snorkeling at Lahaina Beach

I must admit I had never done snorkeling before. This was my very first. Because of the last minute planning, we couldn’t find any snorkeling training team to help us learn the tricks. My 8-year-old daughter was insistent so, we thought of giving it a shot on our own.

Lahaina beach offered one of the best snorkeling experience in Maui. We found a shop from where we could rent the gears and got some tips before heading out to the Ocean.

The lady at the shop was helpful but oversold us on gears. Here are some of the tips for the beginners.

  1. You need to know basis swimming 🏊 but it is ok if you are not an avid swimmer.
  2. The only snorkeling gear you will need is a mask to help you breathe while you float on water. My advice is to go for a full face mask with the tube on the top. This will ensure salty sea water is not coming to your nose and mouth
  3. You do not need fins. Avoid them even when they are offered
  4. Get a good swimsuit, a sunscreen 🧴, beach towel, umbrella, and a beach chair

We went to a beach which was about 6 feet deep and the swim around was breathtaking. There were corals, reefs, and fishes swimming around. The mask worked like a charm and I was about to swim for long with face down looking at the beauty the ocean presented. I chased fish 🐠 around corals and enjoyed the beautiful reefs. A lifetime experience indeed. We swam for a few hours and around 2 PM decided to go for lunch.

Lahiana Ocean
Lahaina Ocean

Lahaina town offered some great eating places. We stopped by a local bistro and the food was refreshing. Here are some pictures for you 😊

Our Lunch Place
Our Lunch Place

Post lunch we headed out to see the sunset πŸŒ… from Makena, one of the best places to observe sunset.

The sunset view
The sunset view

Thanks for your read and I hope you liked it.

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54 thoughts on “Trip to Maui, Day 2”

  1. This looks beautiful .. I went in Cornwall UK for deep sea diving which ended up being a snorkling experience as I was not great in practice sessions.. nevertheless it was a brilliant experience in the sea.. calm and composed .. making me realise every breathe I took..

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