Trip to Maui, Day 3

Day 3 was packed with activities. The morning we had zip lining, followed by a tram tour of a tropical plantation farm. In the afternoon we went on a submarine to the bed of the ocean and in the evening we enjoyed the beach.


Because of the holiday season, most of the zip lines were sold out. No one in our family had done zip lining before, one prime reason on why we desired to experience it so badly. I made a list of all the possible zip lining on the island 🌴 and was lucky enough to find one.

The zip lines were over a tropical plantation farm, crisscrossing valleys with farm plants, ponds, and coconut trees. We reached on time and geared up with safety latches, helmet, wires, and holders. And soon we were on our way to the first stop. I must admit, I was super excited until I reached the top platform. Standing on a bare wooden platform with several feet above ground, seeing the dangling rope and plantation under me, I felt weakness in my knees. I was in two minds and somehow made my mind to plunge in holding tight to the metal grip. The moment I experienced the first swing all my apprehensions vanished. If you haven’t experienced it, you must. We had four more to go and I tried aping the instructor doing all possible tricks while dangling on the rope. Here are some pictures for your eyes only 😊

That is me and my wife

That’s me and my daughter

That’s me and my daughter

Tram Plantation Tour

After the enthralling zip lining experience, we hopped on a tram and went around the tropical plantation farm. The vegetation around was so similar to my hometown. Pineapple plantation 🍍, fern, Ti leaf πŸƒ, banana plantation, I could see everything I grew up experiencing in Assam, a northeastern state in India, which made me pleasantly nostalgic.

The farm had a great restaurant and we enjoyed a sumptuous meal before heading out to Lahaina for the submarine adventure.

Submarine Adventure

On our way to our next stop, we saw signage for whale watching. It was by the road and we took a short pit stop to try our luck. Apparently, half of the humpback whales πŸ‹ come to Hawaii in December to mate and give birth to calves. We didn’t have to wait for long, and soon saw a mother and her calf swimming away. I was in so much awe I forgot to take any pictures 😊.

Whale watching spot. That is our Jeep
Whale watching spot. That is our Jeep
The place where we saw the Whales
The place where we saw the Whales

The submarine was one of a kind of experience. We were taken a few miles deep on the ocean on a boat 🚣 before we boarded a submarine, which took us 130 feet below to watch the corals and the ocean habitat. We saw sharks, schools of Hawaii reef fishes and many invertebrates. It was like an aquarium inside out. We being inside and the wild in the freedom. A splendor to treasure for a lifetime.

The depth Measure on Submarine
The depth Measure on Submarine

Post the submarine adventure we lazed around the beach and called it a day.

Thanks for your kind read

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38 thoughts on “Trip to Maui, Day 3”

  1. Enjoyable post. We visited Maui a few weeks ago (our first trip to Hawai’i) and loved it. We were at Papawai Point, too, and saw the humpbacks spouting (and one breech). We also took the tropical plantation tour. But I have to be honest, that zip line totally detracted from the tram tour. An ugly money-grab for tourists. One of the cool things about Maui is the preponderance of “non-tacky” tourist sites and activities. Zip-lining belongs in the amusement parks. It’s obviously popular, but then again, so is inhaling tobacco. Count me out.

    Otherwise, mahalo for your post, and Aloha!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Looks like we missed each other My a whisker. I loved the plantation because of the resemble .org my home town vegetation. Otherwise I agree with you. Also to add people are friendly. Mahalo my friend and thanks for stopping by

      Liked by 1 person

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