Your Presence


And then I saw things a little different
the summer’s scorching sun
appeared more pleasant,
as if the sun rays danced in blithe
radiant and mesmerized
to warm up some cold souls,
the heat didn’t bother me anymore
walking in the sun was no longer a chore

And then I enjoyed everything that came my way
the winter storm
appeared to be a feathery bloom
as if spreading a shroud on the broad canvas
pristine and pure
with no decree to beseech anyone
or a pronouncement to hold
against any living soul
the cold didn’t trouble like it used to do before
making snowman was what I now adored

The pale broken branch at my backyard,
the unpretentious cacophony of unruly birds,
the sudden splash of a summer shower,
uninvited guest showing up in an ungodly hour,
all the things I used to always complain
became trivial and

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