Trip to Maui, Day 4

Hoapili Trail

Going trekking in Maui was high on our agenda. We did some research and found the Hoapili trail, which was not too far from our temporary home. Hoapili trail was an integral part of the Ahihi Kinau Natural Area Reserve. One of the most interesting facts about this trail was it being the youngest lava flow in the region. The trail is moderate but graveled, I highly recommend a toe covered shoes if not boots. The trail was about 4 miles long winding across the rocky beach ocean and offered some of the best-hidden areas for snorkeling and surfing. Find below a list of my recommendations if you ever plan to take the trip:

The land is dry and arid – go early in the morning to beat the heat waves

Wear a good pair of shoes. The trail is uneven with steep climb and gravel around. One can easily get hurt

Take the map snapshot at the entrance. The cell phone doesn’t work.

If you love snorkeling. Take your gears along. There are some beautiful spots on the way to explore the same.

Take a bottle of water per person. You will need it for sure

Take some first aid medication. Not to scare you but I had a fall. I tried climbing a rock to get a good view of the terrain and fell 😊 the medication worked like a charm. There was no help anywhere close by.

Here are some pics for your views

Somewhere along the trail
Somewhere along the trail
On the Trail
On the Trail
Us before the trail walk
Us before the trail walk

Our Lunch Place
Our Lunch Place

Boogie boarding in Ocean

I got some good number of bruises on my hand and legs and my kids were sad, for they thought our hitting the beach plan was in danger. I teased my daughter and she sweetly said: “we can go home if you are not feeling well.” I couldn’t have broken her heart and so I looked around for some urgent care center. Healthcare in this country needs a serious uplift. For my simple bruises, the charges I was asked to pay was over 500 dollars without the medication. While my wife was insistent, I was in no mood to pay such an obnoxious amount. Instead, I went to a nearby medical store and got some first aid material under 50 dollars and it worked like charm.

We ate Mediterranean food in a nearby place. Food was outstanding and I was ready for my next adventure.

We hit the beach next to our temporary home. I ran by the sandy shore for about 2 miles and then plunged into the water. The waves were tall enough for us to try boogie boarding and we had an excellent time. I forgot about my pain and then my son was hit by a tall wave, flipping him over and in the process, he lost his glasses. We tried looking around but failed. He didn’t have a spare one with him but fortunately the next day we were returning back so, the hassle was for about two days. He wears his glasses all the time and to say he was uncomfortable was an understatement.

By the Beach
By the Beach

We had enough of a thrill for a day and retired for the night.

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