Changing Trends

First the disclaimer – I am a big movie buff. People who know me well claim I can watch any movie, and I don’t disagree.

Today I am going to write about an upcoming trend in Indian films, the concept of parallel cinemas. Off late I have watched many movies, which are not from the mainstream Bollywood but are of superior quality, both on content and presentation. Unlike the quintessential Bollywood, the cast is not from the mainstream, the stories are more authentic, and direction unconventional.

I am enjoying this refreshing change, and I am hopeful for the future of Indian movies. I want to list four such movies I recently watched on Netflix. Let me know your thoughts

  • Rajma Chawla: This movie is Netflix original. A beautiful movie depicting an estranged son’s relationship with his father after the sudden demise of his mother. A light movie with a perfect blend of emotions, comedy, and romance
  • Kuch Bheegay Alfaaz: what an amazing take on social media, aberrant love, redemption and liberation. A sheer brilliance on all fronts – acting, direction, and cinematography.
  • Hope Aur Hum: Four characters from a family, four stories and four amazing conclusions. A must see
  • Love per square foot: a light drama and a feel-good movie of love, hope and owning a home.

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38 thoughts on “Changing Trends”

  1. And the most amazing part is, this type of movies and web originals are taking the mainstream and people are enjoying it than the predictable movies where everything was a priority than the content and cinematography.

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  2. Yes I totally agree.. some of them are on my list but I am not getting the time.Indian cinema has transended into a beautiful dimension of movies which still taking care of the mainstream masses they have started producing moves of low budget but excellent content.

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  3. Ha! Some movies should not be watched! I had an experience where the ticket taker asked us, “Are you sure you really want to see this movie? We had a lot of people walk out of it??” We said, no problem. After watching just a few minutes we walked out too. Wish we had taken his advice. Would you like the title of the movie?? Ha! Ok, but take my advice and don’t ever watch it – Closet Land

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