The Winter’s Caper

This time last year


Hey Fellow Bloggers

We are hit by another snow storm today. I grudgingly woke up and headed to the airport to catch my early morning flight. Got in my Uber ride questioning – why so many snow storms? But then I looked outside and I was awestruck by the beauty the nature presented to me. So I composed the below verse(on the plane 😊) Hope you like it and yeah the picture is from my drive today🌸😊

The air today was a tad different
gilded with thin layer of frosty gust,
the trees, the boulders,
and the far stretched meadows,
all shrouded in a blanket of feathery dust

I spread my eyes
agape and astounded
captivating the nature’s caper
wondering how the winter mischievously
showered a deluge of snowdrift
teaming up with the zephyr
in an absolute clandestine way

I stepped out in the cold
wearing my winter

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