Don’t Impede That Love


The way you steal a glance or two
through the curls of your hair
blinding your eyes
obstructing that view
And how you kill that smile
ostensibly disappearing
before it can see the sight
in the brightest of the daylight

And when you perspire profusely
in cold mornings
while we shiver and wait
for our bus to arrive

And those pretentious occasion
when the voice dies in your throat
before it can find any distinct flair
forcing you to nervously tap fingers
on that vase by the table side

Everything that you do
and you chose not to do
and every occasion you
impede your love to freely flow
send quivering shocks down my spine
and though I try hard
the emotions betrays me
and invariably shows on my visage

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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