The Rat Race


The place was teeming with
people from all scores
dark floor, dim lights
no visible outlet
nor any escape door

His anxious eyes
looked to find a safe passage
and his clouded mind
struggled to find his lost foot-trace

He failed to know anyone anymore
the masks the crowd wore
drove him to oblivion
his chest pounding and
countenance covered with sweat
trapped in the self imposed cage
all he could do was regret

But wasn’t this what he wanted all his life,
money, pride, the worldly pleasures
always to be ahead of the tribe
And now that he had all
why he felt lonely?
why when he should be happy
his heart was gloomy?

In this race to be always be first
he broke numerous trust
the love of the dear ones were lost
greed took precedence
so was winning at any cost

He realized

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