The Old Age


She stared deep into the mirror
minutely examining every strand of her hair
and observing each thin line on her face

She realized how much she had change
wrinkles on her hand started to appear
few gray hairs hid beneath the fringe
the eye sacs had grown darker in shades
and her visage losing rapidly
her proudly possessed grace

A surge of emotions engulfed her mind
she became a little dismayed
the cruelty of life confronted her being
her worst fear took a formative shape

And she drifted away from the mirror
feeling betrayed
dejected by life
a voice calling her name
rattled her thoughts
she looked back with agitation and rile

There he was
greeting her with a pixie smile
and the eyes longing for her
with sprinkles of crystals
shining shimmering bright

Her ruse got her to the edge
as she ignored his presence
and stormed away from…

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