Be That Craziest Person


Have you ever tried taking a cold shower in the middle of extreme winter or have run in the midst of a summer when the temperature is well above 100 degrees Fahrenheit?

When is the last time you played with the kids, not like an adult coaching them but like being one of them?

Did you ever sing under the shower, screaming like a rock star or maybe dared to record your voice and played it in the car for everyone to listen.

When your kids are busy with their screens, have you tried telling them stories about your mischievous past, cracking them up in such a way that they forget about their ostensible video games?

How often you lie on your bed gazing the ceiling pretending to be a superhumanΒ solving the world’s most difficult problem.

Have you tried living your life in the most unconventional…

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28 thoughts on “Be That Craziest Person”

  1. Haha
    Just reading this made me smile.Well I am the craziest in my family but only when I am with my kidsπŸ˜„.
    We sing dance and do all crazy stuff.But shhhh, that’s a secret .For everyone else I am a very serious person 🀣

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  2. LOOOL I do some of this stuff also. Just to get my godkids to laugh, I’ll act like a total kid when we watch cartoons, and even get into the program (it’s nuts that a grown man like me knows all six of the My Little Ponies). Or, turn on a floor fan while eating ice cream & complain how hot it is when it’s freezing cold outside. I don’t know what it is, but seeing my nephew & niece with smiles makes me feel better.

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