My Open Heart


My heart is always open
for anyone to come and reside,
I welcome everyone with an open mind, without expectations,
or prejudice,
nor laden with any preconceived snide

Some stay for few moments,
few occupy my heart for days,
some come and go at their ease,
and few stays for solace and peace

I never carry any grudge
for the one who chooses to go,
nor judge any for what they say,
as I smile and greet them all,
with no inkling of any expectations fray

But then once it so happened,
when she entered my heart unannounced,
and succeeded in finding the key to my soul,
to remain forever in my pneumaโ€™s enclave

She consumes me in her elixir,
and capture me in her magical spell
at times appears through a smile on my visage,
or chose to glitterโ€ฆ

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