Fake News

How often we fall in a vicious trap,
social channels portraying doctored episodes,
news channels throwing in their biased opinions,
and the print media showing scenes that never occurred,

And we create a dissonance,
an opinion and nurture hatred,
I don’t know why we fall to such a cheap trick
when we know
even what we see through naked eyes could be a setup
and what we hear may not bear the truth,
yet we get drawn into such obnoxious world,
for we enjoy being entertained than bestowing veracity

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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22 thoughts on “Fake News”

  1. Totally agree 💯🙌
    Biased opinions.😐
    Fake news
    Spreading hatred 😞

    Read this on Twitter today — पहले अखबार छप कर बिका करते थे, अब बिक कर छपा करते है….

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  2. Nurtured hatred is such a good phrase, we retreat into our safe echo chambers of news and opinion, and too often enjoy the bear-pit thrill.
    I try to read a newspaper several times a week with differing views to my own, and try to steer from tabloid sensation.

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