Against All Odds


I was caged,
captivated by your illusion,
I ignored the enclosure
you were quietly building
brick by brick around me,
for I confused those walls to be our abode,
and kept believing the phony dreams
that you vehemently subscribed

You kept trading away my peace,
my freedom, my desires, my ambitions
in the sheer name of love,
and I kept shredding away my heart
one piece at a time,
thinking I was stashing it away in a protecting cove

And then the day arrived
when there was nothing left to give,
I was ostensibly in love,
looking for that invisible spark
to brighten my life,
though I was a complete hollow from inside

You thought you bequeathed me,
and smiled with glory and pride,
you claimed loudly
how you tamed,
what you ironically
called the love of your life

This time you…

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