Miscreant Heart


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25 thoughts on “Miscreant Heart”

  1. This is quite a perplex, yet life quote. To take someone you really love or have strong feelings for out of your is simply, a trick of the mind, then busying oneself. However, the real dilemma is removing or taking them out of a miscreant heart- a inflamed hurting with disappointment

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        1. Great point…You have me Pondering in Deeply in Meditation…
          Forgiveness itself is given.
          The True based for it is Love. Forgiveness can’t be extended or given, if Love is not present.
          Love is a Gift. Healing is a Benefit of that Love.
          Perfect Love cast out Fear.
          A person can knowingly or unknowingly reject Love.
          Self condemn and miss out on healing and forgiveness.
          Saddens…Choose Love

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