Comedy of Errors


I lived in Singapore for two years and loved the place. Work was interesting, I was young, and the city was vibrant. I couldn’t have had any better way to start my career.

I had treasured many interesting memories from Singapore and from time to time the beautiful yore keeps revisiting, rekindling the moments fondly in my heart. I was reminded of one such incidence this morning. So, I thought why not share with you all beautiful souls in WP  – so here it goes.

It was the month of July. The summer was at its peak. Regardless, Singapore being a tropical country was always hot. We infamously joked about Singapore seasons, for we had three seasons hot, hotter and hottest with some occasional rain as teasers. Our work was at the extreme. We were in the final stages of a product release to major markets such as Singapore, Malaysia, and…

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6 thoughts on “Comedy of Errors”

  1. Kya khub kahani likha hai………us jagah par khud ko khada karke dekhta hun to pairon taley jamin khisak jaa rahi hai………anjaan duniyan men koyee saharaa nahi hota…..jis par aitwaar hota hai wo kabhi saath nahin deta………ham samajh sakte hain aap kitne thak gaye honge……….phir bhi man men kayee soch… pal ko yaad kar ke aaj bhi ……..bahut kuchh soch man men aa jaata hoga.

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