I am a Man of Extremes


I am a man of extremes,
I don’t understand things in between, mediocrity never suits my way,
nor can I be confined to one place

I don’t love anything in pieces,
nor do I hide my emotions in a shroud,
my eyes speak my heart with a scream,
for I am a man of extremes

And when I embrace any soul,
I don’t do it with preconceived notions,
I love without boundaries,
for I am a man of extremes

And if I decide to shed away
no reminiscence linger
to trail any shadow of mine
I don’t believe in residual regrets,
for I am a man of extremes

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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46 thoughts on “I am a Man of Extremes”

          1. I have so much work to do. The semester is heating up. I have to finish plenty of research. I have two university wide events that I am organizing. Classes will soon end and I will be hit with tones of papers to grade.
            I am paralyzed, so I blog 🙂
            Take care of you my friend. Have a safe and productive trip.

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  1. Oh this is wonderful!!
    Reminds me of a friend, who keeps taunting me that why do I have to ‘extreme’ in everything. Fear, rage, anger, love- can I never be a mediocre, and I don’t have anything to say, except ‘lol’ 😀

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