Eons away Yet not Far


The spatter of our nonchalant talks, 
the endless guffaws during those long walks, 
the meeting of the miscreant eyes, 
the melting of hearts with your gentle touch, 
the unfinished goals, 
the stories, 
some shared, some untold
the aspirations to reach beyond the azure skies, 
one moment draped in love, 
and the other caught in a brier
the heartbreaks, 
the fights, 
the numerous fallyet
never giving up the urge to climb, 
our dreams, 
our life, and our little abode 
holding hands, rekindling thoughts 

Years have gone by,
times have changed, 
you and I are no longer the same, 
the dreams and the plans 
took some deviant detour, 
life moved on, 
some made sense,
some in stupor

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