The Abyss


First, I was bereaved,
and I pleaded her to speak
Then I was torn,
for her quietness was like a storm,
and before I could comprehend
I realized my world was coming to an end

Your assumed silence,
your indifferent stature,
your unperturbed stillness,
and the uproar in your calmness,
all staring my stupor soul,
as if a tangent was drawn
between our world

The ravine has a rage,
I tried to escape,
but was caught in a cage,
I screamed without a voice,
I wailed without a noise,
and like a fool,
I held to her imaginary dangling thread,
trying to find the end
in some labyrinth descend

She witnessed the turmoil
Yet she chose not to speak
for she was long gone from the world,
yes, she had deceased,
but his heart refused to let her go

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