Reeking Pain


He ignored the beaconing voice
so many times in the past,
the bellowing raucous noise
inside his defiant heart

He denounced the imprints
cast on his mind,
as if she was an inscribed
engraved on sand never to last

But the gyration of the wilderness
captivated in some puerile trice,
the laughter, the guffaws flared up,
and every time he tried to touch
it disappeared as if it was a disguise

He became a peripatetic,
to avoid the reeking pain
he wandered to faraway places,
but it was all in vain
for she followed him through all the paths

He pretended forgetfulness,
put his heart on new interests,
but it never helped,
and he longed to have some momentary respite

Disdain he surrendered to his fate,
came to terms with the emotional spate,
he lived a platonic life
dangling on a

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