And We Met


Through words we met
and some verses weaved a hope to behold
and despite of being miles apart
an unseen thread
bonded our deviant souls

I read her achievements with interest
she applauded my stories untold
I remained in awe on her grit to succeed she crinkled her smiles on my mysterious prose

We never met,
never heard our voices to reckon,
neither shared any common thoughts,
nor we cried or laughed on shared goal

But despite being strangers,
and living in an aberrant world,
we found a mystic hope that stayed,
like an unstated decree casted on stone,
unexplainable, sure it was,
abstruseness, it might as well sound
yet we found something to cling on to,
or ponder like a sagacious view,
to be treasured for a lifetime,
without the burden of any name to announce ,
for some relationships are…

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30 thoughts on “And We Met”

  1. Sometimes, more than our closed ones, we get attached to some strangers…. and ur lines have beautifully depicted that how sometimes some relationships r beyond name ! ❀❀

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