Break Free


No alluring words,
no enticing verse,
no dazzling rhymes,
no charming prose,
nothing was ever needed to accost his belief,
for he was in awe with her silence

And though she held back with all her might,
the unspoken words,
and the suppressed thoughts,
yet she couldn’t resist to break free
from her ostensible life

And like the dawn skies on the faraway horizon,
her countenance painted crimson red,
with a hint of some cerulean blue,
shedding away the darkness,
held by the long standing night

And it didn’t matter
what forces were in play,
what chains tried to restrain,
the longing surged and liberated
from the entwined grip of the vicious trite
and she soared,
with wings spread wide,
and dreams of tomorrow shining vivid and bright

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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