Her whiff traveled like sonata’s adagio
slowly engulfing each one of his senses,
and her scent,
abrading one layer at a time,
deciphering some mystery,
creating many illusions,
without any definitive reasons
or any descriptive rhymes

Lost in her spell
he drifted and fell like a feather
from high above the sky
slowly and in a subtle flow
he emerged in her love,
permeating her fragrance
soaked in a few shades of azure
and the vivid artistry
pervading all at once

The more he drowned,
the more he realized,
how mystic was her depth,
how aberrant was her seance

And immersed in her love
he failed to ground his feet,
for her endearment was an abyss,
no enticing words,
no spread of color,
and no audacious thought
could ever hold her soul,
and like an unheard whisper
she was nowhere to be found

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