Shouldn’t Poetry be left on its own?


For me, writing poetry is an emotional liberation, written from the heart for hearts. My writings do not follow any pattern or form. Rather my proses are a free flow of thoughts written with emotions, which either I feel or have observed.

The learned may categorize them as sonnet, sestina, haiku or whatever they wish. But for me, it is a feeling not confined by boundaries, constraint in some regimented form, waiting for some judgmental proceedings. Isn’t art and standardize structure oxymoron? What are your thoughts?

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43 thoughts on “Shouldn’t Poetry be left on its own?”

  1. I agree with you, but I guess it also depends on what it is for. Some people write poems for publications. Some do them for their own emotional release. Keep writing!

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  2. Poetry when in rythmn flows for me…at times I just right without it. It is a personal choice. What works for one may not work for another. I think I like to run and I do poems because I am an avid music lover. In music there is always a rhyming.

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  3. If it’s a liberal flow of emotions then it’s the best definition which resonates with everyone!
    Great provoking words there Sir. You certainly have made it a point to go through our emotions in a poetic manner irrespective of the pattern!💙

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  4. Well said. This is the reason that modern poetry which rests more on the free verse form is so popular today. Sometime following the rules of the structure takes away the free flow of the emotions. I too find it very restrictive.

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