Hard work and intent not always yield the results we desire but that doesn’t mean we should get dejected and ail, for even farms are fallowed and left unsown from time to time to bring the best out of it.

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31 thoughts on “Fallow”

  1. Shantanu this is a a true statement. It does happen in life. Sometimes the dejection or ail is not purposed. However, it is simply misunderstanding. Shantanu have I made you feel this way? Let me know, its not intentional. Please forgive me if I did and accept my apology.

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      1. I actually experienced myself on Saturday from a phone call. I almost allowed it to deter me from doing what I love on yesterday, out of hurt and frustration. Instead I pressed forward. It would have been a missed opportunity. After reading I your post I felt the need to self-reflected then apologize.
        That’s me…

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