You are toxic,
a vile camouflaging a smiling visage
a pretentious visceral in disguise

and my heart a dolt
for instead of escaping
it dwells in your abominable eyes

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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33 thoughts on “Dolt”

        1. The small mercies
          That allow one
          To be non pc
          With friends unseen
          And share a laugh pure
          Keeps the creaking
          Wheels turning
          Fears of rusting
          And falling apart
          Keep a distance
          If one reaches out
          And shares
          The priceless
          That is free
          Keep smiling

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      1. Haha, no.
        I’m much better thank you for asking 🙂
        I started focusing on things I am blessed with.
        Lemme share an incident, hope you don;t mind 🙂
        A few days ago, I missed home a lot.
        I started weeping for no reason.
        My roommates were so supportive, they tried a lot to divert me.
        at 12 in the mid night they took me for a walk just because I was not feeling good.
        I started feeling good by their jokes
        We laughed a lot by teasing each other.
        Suddenly there were 2 bikes coming in front of us in a high speed.
        We stood still in the path way.
        The guys horned intentionally and roared their bikes to scare us.
        We were so scared
        The moment they crossed us, one guy from the bike tried to wave us.
        His hand dashed with my friend’s hand who was having her new mobile.
        It broke down into pieces.
        We took that and came to room
        She cried a lotttttt by seeing her mobile for whole night.
        I couldn’t convince her because I felt guilty.

        The next day she kept her broken mobile in room and went to office.
        I took off and searched for the repair shop in the new city.
        I never knew the place neither the shops.
        I took a whole day.
        Finally, I made it.
        And she came after duty at 8pm.
        Saw her mobile and hugged me.
        I thanked god for giving good people in life 🙂
        I’m learning to be happy with things I have 🙂

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        1. I am glad to learn you are doing good. I have such mixed emotions for the incidence you described, it had the flair of bonding and friendship, which is warm and refreshing and at the same my blood boils when I hear about the younger generation mentality. Absolutely no respect for women. But at the end what a heart warming story, you did such a fabulous job. You are a kind hearted soul. Never change ❤️❤️

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          1. I believe ,All we long is for love from the people we love. When people show care and affection towards us we eventually try to give more than we actually get.
            And about the younger generation’s mentality,
            People be like “Why were you roaming out in mid night?” No matter whose side the fault is.
            They tweak a few feathers so that the bird wont fly high haha 😀
            But I understand their concern so I never argue nor fight.

            In fact, Yesterday I wrote a poem something similar to this, maybe you should read that whenever you find time.


            Yes, I try not to change and never let anyone/anything change me 🙂
            Have a beautiful day ahead 🙂

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