Three Posts Using the Word Insuperable

Hey Dear Fellow bloggers, hope your week is going fine. Here is my next attempt to write three different posts using the word “Emscrolled” –  A Thought, a poem, and a flash fiction. I am providing links to all the three posts below. Let me know your views and thoughts.

Always appreciate your presence here. Stay Charming and Beautiful.

Insuperable – A Thought

No problem is insuperably difficult, provided one has the perseverance to look at it with determined eyes

Insuperable – A Poem

She slowly lifted her veil
to reveal a spectacle never seen before
soon the world came to a standstill
and the desires of many longing hearts
awaiting to accost her
became undeniable insuperable
when they saw the divine sight unfathomable
and beyond anyone’s reach
and she smiled and faded away
breaking the cage
embracing her new freedom
and her beautiful life

Insuperable – A Flash Fiction 

Every night he heard her voice, making him desirous, like an unrequited yearning to be conquered, for her melodious tone breached the tranquility, setting an ensemble spreading her mesmerizing tone.  

He had wandered haplessly countless night over the boulder in the woods and stared the old dilapidated fort, the deserted place from where the voice appeared. Like a seance was set and the water gently rippled on that isolated lake.  He had tried many times, but somehow never could muster enough courage to cross the lake to find the person behind the mystic voice. 

But tonight was different, the blue moon was vibrant, the night ghoulish and her aria a shade more melodious than before, drawing him to the source, and nothing seemed insuperable, such was her draw.

Copyright © Shantanu Baruah

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