Three Posts Using the Word Scree

Hey Dear Fellow bloggers, hope your week is going fine. Here is my next attempt to write three different posts using the word “scree” –  A Thought, a poem, and a flash fiction. I am providing links to all the three posts below. Let me know your views and thoughts.

Always appreciate your presence here. Stay Charming and Beautiful.

Scree – A Thought

The feet having the scars from screes are the ones who have seen the sunrise from the peak 

Scree – A Poem

The path was strenuous and rough,
the boulders draped with screes,
the world shrouded with ghoulish grime,
the aura had a sadist charm

The avians, the fauna all vanished the scene,
the trees howling with a devilish scream
the clouds a shade darker than before
Grayness gripped the ocean’s shore

And in such nature’s caper
she sauntered ahead
one step at a time,
refusing to give up

many times she crumbled and fall,
but never deterred
for she was a deviant soul

Scree – A Flash Fiction 

The mountains track to the summit was beyond recognition. It was hard to believe the path, which was used by trackers ubiquitously, not too long ago had vanished like a whiff. The last monsoon was longer than expected, and the relentless downpour caused the massive landslide, shrouding the pathway with screes of some reminiscent ugly past.

Ever since the terrain way caved to nature’s wrath, people had stopped climbing the mountain and the summit remained at peace shining to glory with no trespassing from the human brigade. The tall tale suggests that the Sierra was more green, the hue atop vibrant and the fauna fearlessly thrived, for the humans didn’t venture the peak anymore. Irony remained, while the human cursed that fateful monsoon, nature had its last laugh.

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