Long Beach – The Mary Queen


A day trip to LA from the east coast was tiring, to say the least. Particularly when it was not for pleasure. I landed yesterday mid-morning and since then I was in meetings up until 4:00 PM today. Even the dinner and lunchtime was occupied with business meetings.

The 3 hour time difference, woke me up around 4 in the morning. I tossed and turned for a while and eventually ditched the bed for good. I worked out for an hour training weights and then did a high cardio run for about 20 minutes. I felt refreshed and the day went pass like a charm.

My first ever trip to the USA, before I moved here for good, was to LA. Every time I came for a business trip to this place, I never took time out to venture the place. It was always airport, hotel, office and back to…

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